About Us

Hello, my name is Sodany and I am one of the content creator and the original founder of Entremomneur. I created this blog because I miss the joys of writing before becoming a work-at-home mother of three children and a fur baby that I raise with my supportive and most wonderful soon-to-be husband.

  • I absolutely love to shop and reviewing about items and sharing my thoughts.
  • I’ve recently began researching into becoming more holistic and would love to share my knowledge with you.
  • I’ve worked in the medical field with all different types of specialists (dietitians, psychologists, general M.Ds, dentists, ect) and have completed some of my nursing program before deciding to stay at home.
  • I love makeup and fashion and ANYTHING related. Sephora is my kryptonite!
  • I have been working on becoming fit and healthy and will be sharing my progress.
  • I love spending time with my family and finding new things to explore and these post ideas will definitely keep you busy.